I am ME

So, after quite a few  annoying days of office, Battling depression on indecisive matter and some soul searching; out came a rather loud and vociferous banter. Dear reader, please don’t be horrified at the rage. Rather this is for anyone who feels out of place with a lewd sense of being lost and is simply trying to make sense of it all
“I open a wink
Only to sink in again
Drowning in the Cacophony
That keeps blaring around me
In this hidden mask,Scar faced I hide
Through a freaking labyrinth of life
This is me

© adrenalinapura – fotolia_65129014

Immersed in illusions, of a better life,

Its funny, how we try to determine
Our idiosyncrasies, and the oblivion
That follows
Of being lost in the crowd
Being one among many
Ironic that mock and jibes hurled
Are ones way of presumptive superiority
Oh well, Call the bluff
Of each idolizing them self
But heralding my voice across
I say, I am me..

So tho I lack spite
Eponymous of me
Proud I’ll strive to be
Of who I am
And all that I will be
For alas, I AM ME”



7 thoughts on “I am ME

  1. keep making noise…. eventually people will hear the music within… i love you and you make me proud… continue to do so….


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