Veneration Of The Kingdom-Part 1

For a country that has journeyed through  an array of milestones, Beginning from a time of rajas and maharajas into disintegrating into a Brit colony, and yet again rising above to speak for its freedom in the light of democracy. From a multitude of cultural and religious beliefs, recapitulated to a single Hindustan I would very well say we have progressed. This is my effort to sketch together the marrow of the beauty and predicaments of this glorious nation we hail from. 


Picture Courtesy – © Richard Laschon fotolia_61970114

To begin with, our land calls for being one of the earliest urban civilizations i.e. the Indus Valley Civilization. Deemed as one of the richest regimes in its time, India was a pioneer in the ways of opulence, Starting from the finest of silk to cashmere and the brightest of gems, including the most distinguished Kohinoor which sits at the nucleus of the British Queens crown today.

It gives me great pride that although I would pass for a fickle minded Indian, there are still geniuses who have lineage from our land with the likes of the Aryabhatta. So has Vishwanathan Anand made us proud with the game of Shatranj which has its origins in our soil. A land that is home to prominent religious ideas of Buddhism and Jainism. And yet again we are patrons of the much followed health statues of Yoga and Ayurvedic treatments. The glory of this nation is worth being pondered over


Picture Courtesy – © kosmin fotolia_53403888

India has witnessed a large quantum of reforms pertaining to post and pre independent era. The policies of liberalization has probed an astounding effect in the increment of trade, foreign exchange and generation of industrialization. Education has reached its zenith today in terms of the countless institutes and schools that we have, albeit in its rather commercialized approach .

I guess, being one of the most populous nations of the world would eventually call for us to be noticed as we spread our influence across the globe. We stand van ward in being recognized as one of the many fashion destinations in the world with Mumbai and Delhi well in the limelight. Elements such as the dark kohl and the simple yet complacent nose ring are characteristics of the Indian beauty which has traversed across our land over into the western culture.

So I suppose it is safe and right to accredit India to be a land,that is one worth all our devotion, glory and respect. We the people who have evolved from the heart of her gifts owe tremendous gratification to the land. With great felicitation may we offer ourselves in building this nation so that we can ride the high horse of a land so prime and resplendent


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