Veneration Of The Kingdom-Part 2

In tune with highlighting the goodness of our country, I would like to draw the attention of my readers to the current scenario of India. There is a plethora of social evils caused by insensitive actions and a maladroit mindset.
Let’s start with the “so-called” lower strata of our society.The n number of poor and downtrodden who account for 60% of the country’s population. They carry out the trivial yet most conspicuous occupations that sustain the people and life of this nation. This includes the farmers, the mineworkers, the dhobiwallas, the ayyas, the Dabbawallas along with the Bartanwallis, Rickshawwallas and few more

With a fistful of food to revive them the days work and education pertained through a life of hard learning, they set out on the most laborious tasks that give them their wages to sleep at night. Er…Correction..They really do not have a place to sleep at night because they are shooed away from the sidewalks by angry policeman or driven away from lands that they forced to sell by budding industrialists. They can only stand quite and gaze while their tiny choppdis are being torn apart by bull dozers.
Many will debate by saying that in the wake of becoming a Developing nation, the space is required. While we boast of neat roads in Europe and Singapore , this is our effort to make Indian roads litter free. I do not disagree any less. We can very well tear up the slums and drive them off.
 But have we reallocated them to a better place, or have we left them more destitute and hapless than they were??
Clearly hard felt reality for a country that is the 7-largest and on its way to prosperity
Oh ,not yet. We yet have subjects to cover on Dowry system and child marriage.Or should I really venture into the topic of why little girl babes are killed in thousands throughout when ironically the Gods such as Lakshmi and Saraswathi are worshipped whole heartedly. Do they presume that the Godesses wouldn’t mind killing Human babies in Their image? Or do they have enough wealth for a self-righteous puja to drive away their sin
So what if the great likes of Raja Ram Mohan and a handful of others ousted practices of sati and pushed women to education. The patriarchal society will still make even by denying their daughters and sisters the rights of education and choke them into marriage to yet another narcissist man who will demand huge amounts of dowry to buy his wife, while also accusing her of being the inferior gender.
And no, I clearly do not overlook the efforts of many NGO’s and the government in helping with its various causes. For today I am a well-educated girl, second in my generation. My only attempt is that we strive our fullest to help in any small way we can to promote the women of our country. For Melinda Gates on a special edition to CNN dated May29th, 2013 has stats that a Family whose budget is controlled by the mother is 20% more likely to survive. While 20% may not sound like much, in the 2nd largest populous country, I think it will amount to quite a number
Moving on, lets talk about our great political leaders of this very diverse nation. On quickly mapping our progress, we have had our transport system improved five fold. The railways are making a good job at being fully functional and generating huge amounts of revenue to our treasury .We have more superior infrastructure. We can add to a growing list of skyscrapers, automobiles and an extremely buzzing city life.
It is sad how a country with the most set of rules and regulations in its rulebook cannot find one that would provide adequate civic control and timely justice to those who need it. Our courts are well known for it’s generously availed time span to render effective hearings that will last a lifetime.
The power and control of an entire country is strictly bridled by a handful of politicians, so much that the thought is almost terrifying. Isnt that why when the politician’s junior does drugs or drives drunk, the police give him a clean slate each time. Even in case of murder, as in the story of Jessica Lall where power can buy the silence of a hundred people who upright witnessed her death.
A short while ago, the youth loudly chorused to the famous song, blatantly singing
 “Sadda Haq, Aithe rakh”
And I can only wish ,the rights that we have the privilege to be bearers of in the largest democracy of the world is used justly and righteously to build a better future for our tomorrow. We have the largest source of talent and intelligence and brain power than all the developed nations put together. Only that they lie untapped within the largely dispersed classes of society
 At this point in time, I would like to end an extremely boring update with make a small mention of Sarath Babu-Alumni of BITS, Mesra and IIM-A. His past was quite the contrary to his current day. A simple boy who struggled through the slums of Chennai city,and literally burnt the midnight oil while his mother sold idlis for his upbringing. Today his solo venture “Food King” has a turnover in millions and generates employment to a multitude of people who have been able to pick up the pieces and live with a roof over their head. In our effort for a better India, it is quite harmless to recall Mr Sarath, the man who very selflessly struggled to provide for his own upbringing only to give it back manifold to his people.
”Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what can You do for your country”

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