When I was…

A Dragging day at work, and a bit of homesickness took me back to the good old days of growing up and  the journey in between. This post is dedicated to my Dearest Mother, For all she has done for me..
When I was a tiny tot of just three
 And I cuddled up on mommy’s knee
“Mommy I wanna grow up and be like you
Pretty and fancy, and use your jewels too”
 “Darling wait a while longer, It will come to be”
She ruffled my air and told me
“Until then why don’t you sing with me”
The years passed by and I was five
I hated kindergarten and ABC’s too
I cried, id have leave mommy for the day
Eventually she cajoled me, said it would be fine
I learnt numbers and nursery rhymes
“Darling wait a while longer, It will come to be”
Until then why don’t you swing with me
Time passed  by and I was tall
Id wave mommy goodbye and hurry to school
                                            I had my books, friends and luncheon too
                                            Though I laughed and played and liked it all
                                             Mommy I still wanna grow up, I’d say
                                             Darling wait a while longer, It will come to be”
                                             Until then why don’t you bake cookies with me

© lapencia – fotolia_62402235


I was in my teens;

Wild and silly as can be
Mommy I don’t like how you do my hair

Please leave my clothes and let me be
Mommy looked sorry and her welled up eyes
Is what I still remember…sigh
But I had so much growing up to do,
I told her I couldn’t spend time worrying too
As the years passed by, I was an angry girl
I was in high school and busy too
I had my friends, my music and books
Mommy no more fit in my world
I fought; I slammed doors and screamed aloud
Mommy, I can’t wait to leave this place
I can’t stand your well-versed ways
Time passed by, and I did go far
Left my home and mommy and childhood stars
I was all big and went to university
Eventually I learned it wasn’t as easy to be
I got stabbed, fought back and was a sorry lot
Many battles I faced because I wasn’t a child no more
Far away from home and mommy’s knee
Along the way, I grew more old
Life was a battle and I was sore
I had a job, a house and bills to pay
I thought of my childhood and carefree days
My friend came along and saw mommy in a frame
O your look just like her, she exclaimed
I was only pleased and gloated with joy
Mommy you’re all I wanna be like
Now I wish I was little again
So I could get to sit on mommy’s knee
Away from the world and all that’s mean
Mommy, I wanna be with you again
You make it all so simple and nice
Life is pleasant and everyday is a joy ride
I love you so..
 And I just wanted you to know

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