Fleeting Time..

The cuckoo in the clock chimed
Time had moved, leaving the elapsed behind
Undisputed and fleeting,
Heard through its rhythmic call
And so much has since gone, so little I can recall
The hands of time gently slide
Round and round they glide
And with it bring forward, a new time
A day divine
An age unknown to mans mind

© poplasen- fotolia_68479554

Night turned to morn, and morn to night again
Boys grew to men, and they begot infants
Countries were built and lost, Battles were fought
The silver haired sage, wise with age spoke of things to come
He uttered,”Nothing remains constant except the Ancient One”
The needle flees on, counting
The child grew and left her mother
Seasons passed, and the cycle is repeated over
Yet what has gone is gone,
 Another moment arrives with its isochronous thrust
So Harbor as we may
Each second of each living day
For we know naught, what tomorrow may bring
For we know that tomorrow is a far cry from yesterday
And so endures Man’s walk on the earth
Fleeting across progressive
His breath once strong, eventually grows weary
As the sands of the hour glass drain on
Finally diminished and to the dust He is laid
When his life seeps out
Without time and without space

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