The Secret Life Of…..

I realize I haven’t written to wish my blog or blog followers a Happy New Year. Not wanting to fall in the beaten out track of penning down about New year Resolutions, Reminiscing the ups and downs of the previous year or drawing bright yellow smileys; I was waiting for an epiphany so I could pick on something larger than life, out of the box (or another clichéd phrase namely)..
But then sense settled in and eventually I realized those Eureka moments come to those who seek and not necessarily wait on it for a sign from heaven above. So if my reader has borne with me this far, without further ado I would like to ponder on the latest Hollywood movie being screened-The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. While it’s not the average commercially designed motion picture, review websites and critics have already pitched on some wonderful quotes spoken in the movie.
For those who haven’t seen it, the story revolves around Walter Mitty who is a Negative Asset Manager(Negatives used to develop photographs) for Life Magazine. A Guy with a monotonous job, who seemingly keeps going into one of those “Zoned out “ phases where he imagines of things he wished he could do, but doesn’t such as Punching the Boss, Rescuing Cheryl’s cat-the girl he is crushing on and a few others. On the other hand, he is constantly pestered by Todd, associate of an online dating website (where Cheryl is also registered) to fill out his missing details of “Been There, Done that” category and make his profile more attractive.
Walter misses out on a very important photo negative by star journalist Sean O’Connell and goes on a venturous tour, tracking him down to find the missing negative. Thus, begins the enterprising journey, on the course of which he does unimaginable and rash moves such as fighting a shark, jumping on a moving helicopter, running from a volcano eruption, seeking the warlords of Afghanistan and spotting the White leopard on the Himalayas.
Without appearing as a straight arrow, the movie draws essence from everyday actions and emotions that ride on day dreaming time frames which frequently happen (at least to me). Of dreaming about those many things you want to do, but then you don’t because those reckless moments happen on the cine reels and not in life. By the end of the movie, as one can predict Walter ends up doing a myriad of events that run well for his ”Been there, Done that” list and he gets his happy ending.
While striving to make sense of my ramblings, the movie reminds me of dreams that I aspire for; the many unchecked to-do lists that have been going brown over days. So for a change, this time rather than ticking off a resolution list, I’ve instead decided to fill in my “Been there ,Done that” archive. It could be turning lemons to lemonade, and filling out my travel journal or realizing more Euraka moments. In simple words, I’m resolved to work backwards so I don’t miss out on the small or spunky moments along with the many humongous acheivements to come(fingers crossed).
Its only fitting to repeat few lines of the movie, I’ve already written about 500 words on



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