NaPoWriMo – #4

National Poetry Month

April is known as the month for Z poets, poems and prose. I have been MIA(missing in action) for a while now. I write for a living. Which is why writing all over again for leisure is a tad bit overboard. And then i stumbled upon news that its Poetry Month. Yay. So I guess its time to sharpen my lead and hit it off.  
As unfortunate as it has been to miss out on the first three days of this spring, I’ve decided to strike X off my calender, with a poem everyday..until summer is here and April ends i.e. After all, inspiration and discipline comes in small measures, and dolls who are ace at procrastinating the way I am, need to begin somewhere. So ere goes
Wavering Slumber
A cold shiver blows over, but look ere
there’s summer in the air
Is it the lonesome weather?
Or the return to lovers lair
Wild flowers spring on mountain tops
The winds cease to whisper
But winter still taps over me shoulder
Light headed, me think
As I settle in sweet slumber
Dreams are a hilarious affair…

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