Hello folks,

Procrastination is something that every writer is constantly reminded of, apart from the cliched ‘Writer’s Block’. To say that I, in all honesty have been procrastinating doesn’t waiver the wagging finger pointed at my lazy, nonchalant mannerism; although would it work if nearly 33 articles in five months, stood to my defense? Well, typical human condition to present some form of justification, except in this case it is rather moot.

I have recently picked up my reading habits and after ‘The fault in our stars’, which by the way is splendid and witty. I have recently started with Manu Joseph’s ( ex-editor of OPEN magazine) ‘Serious Men’. I have only turned the first 10 pages, and I must say, he brilliantly reproduces reality with the use of cutting satire that gets rooted in the deep of my thoughts. Now apart from my goal of devouring as many wonderful books as I can, let me assure the very few readers I have that Through my peephole will be up and active with some impressive columns for your thoughts ( I hope:))

We have recently moved form #blogspot to #wordpress.com. I would appreciate it if you could give me some ‘hit’ love and of course, do flip through the posts. Suggestions and feedback are welcome.

Until next time, Cheers!


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