Starting Over


When a writer starts over.


It’s me.

I was wondering if after these year(s) you’d like to meet..

That didn’t sound very creative, did it?

How about I try again.

Holla┬áblog, bloggers, follower(s) if any. I’ve been missing for a year. And I hope you noticed. Throw some wise words my way.

Tell me I’m lazy and should be burned at the stake.

Tell me I have potential but my introversion and lack of action is killing the now, nearly diminished spark.

Tell me there’s talent that needs polishing.

Tell me that I can start now, or forever wait…to start.

Tell me that things don’t come easy, but it does come, if you try.

Tell me that this life is the only shot I have, to do or die.

Tell me to get off my rear bottom and do what I’ve always dreamed of doing.

Tell me to send that idea to the Editor of New York Times.

Tell me to draft an outline for the first of many shitty stories I’ll burden the world’s literary agents with, and maybe a Pulitzer-worthy one in the end.

Tell me that there’s work to be done.

Tell me that 26 is only a number. And that living long enough to cross 25 years of love, hate, determination, achievements, failures, anguish and courage is a matter worth celebrating.

Tell me to forget the lousy unproductive year of 2015. That 2016 is here to mark new beginnings.

Tell me that I can start all over, today!

Tell me…

Pray, tell me, will ya?




One thought on “Starting Over

  1. Missed you.. All the best for a new start.. Now get off your rear bottom and get back to enlightening and entertaining your followers..!!


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