NaPoWriMo- #6

Hey there,
I am at day six of the challenge. And my bad, I didn’t finish day 5, but there’s no going back on that one. So moving ahead, here’s a little something for today

Sometimes travelling gives you a certain high, and it needn’t be a long road. Just a simple commute in my every day had me thinking. Here goes..

City Lights


Picture Courtesy – © Iakov Kalinin

They flick a shimmer
The city shines bright
And under the sky blanket
Between gentle lights
A people counting dreams
A multitude of hopes and fears
Joy and tears,
And its all right under
Those tiny lights that flicker
As I watch over, the twinkling beams


NaPoWriMo – #4

National Poetry Month

April is known as the month for Z poets, poems and prose. I have been MIA(missing in action) for a while now. I write for a living. Which is why writing all over again for leisure is a tad bit overboard. And then i stumbled upon news that its Poetry Month. Yay. So I guess its time to sharpen my lead and hit it off.  
As unfortunate as it has been to miss out on the first three days of this spring, I’ve decided to strike X off my calender, with a poem everyday..until summer is here and April ends i.e. After all, inspiration and discipline comes in small measures, and dolls who are ace at procrastinating the way I am, need to begin somewhere. So ere goes
Wavering Slumber
A cold shiver blows over, but look ere
there’s summer in the air
Is it the lonesome weather?
Or the return to lovers lair
Wild flowers spring on mountain tops
The winds cease to whisper
But winter still taps over me shoulder
Light headed, me think
As I settle in sweet slumber
Dreams are a hilarious affair…

Firm in Faith

Mathew Barnett quotes “Faith is believing God will take you places before you even get there”


© thinglass – fotolia_53534014


Faith is powerful.  Faith is believing. To have faith is to be strong. To have faith is to live today and look forward to tomorrow. I am a person of faith. Faith in the religious sense and faith in the spiritual sense. My belief is that there is a God above and that when I submit to his care, nothing can go wrong. That everything has a reason and every event is part of a larger plan. Like different colored threads still in the making, these events are being knit together to create the perfect picture.
There are many things I still don’t get. I don’t know why some days are sad and what good fortune or role it will play later. But there are also events, really depressing moments, which in time has proved itself to be an unforeseen, unexpected and wondrous victory.

This is one such story.

It started with college placements. Being a girl of pride, I just had to be selected in one of the barons of  the fashion industry. So, I opted only for the best, which in my case would’ve been Tommy Hilfiger, Arvind Brands, Puma, Jockey, and Pantaloons. The initial stage usually is being hand-picked based on the resume submitted. I was selected for all the above. The next step was clearing a GD (Group Discussion) round amidst ten or sometimes twelve people; an awful, screaming mob, trying to play a soprano to make themselves heard. Being well- versed, yet soft spoken in nature, I edged my way forward through all of them. And lastly, I sat for an interview round with all the companies, which I thought went rather pleasantly. So needless to say, when I didn’t get selected for any of them, not a single company, I was heartbroken and my confidence shook bad.  I didn’t see the sense in the cruelty of having gone through each stringent process, till the very end, only to have been rejected by all.

 I was instead, repeatedly called by ECP Company, from Chennai to be their Retail Merchandiser. (It’s something to do with retail. Never mind the details.) Highly apprehensive of landing in the most unexpected of places, I decided to roll up my sleeves and give it my best. However, after just 2 weeks, I still didn’t understand why I had landed a job with a coveted designation, but almost no job description. My days went doing literally nothing, from 9am-6pm. If I was ever asked to do anything, it was nothing more than what some would call ‘donkey work’ under a boss, who was extremely ill-bearing in nature and very wrongly presumptuous of herself.  So, I talked myself to stay there day after day, and try to make things right. I told myself that I needed to prove my capability to this woman, who was more than difficult and giving me eye-swollen looks that stomped on my ego and thoroughly made me doubt myself. She would ask me for x and when I brought it to her, she’d yell back saying, “I asked for Y”. She’d keep me uninformed of official happenings around. I wasn’t ever emailed or cc’d/marked on events and if I was unaware when she spoke about it, she would tell me ’you need to be involved in the process and find out. ‘ Through-out the first five months, I was never expected to send official emails, until directed by her, and on the sixth month, she gave me hell for not following up, not being proactive and not doing my job.

I  became a nervous-wreck. Every day was a pain. In the mornings, I was more pathetic than a four year old, crying about having to go to school. Except that I was 23 and not 4. I didn’t have the liberty to cry.

During my idle days, I unconsciously started reading up on the internet. Reading led to writing, and the writing initiated this blog, until others began to take notice and I had to quit. Because idle or not, you’re not supposed to do “anything else”, no matter how simple or innocent or skillful, during those lousy office hours. Having always been a vivacious reader and an avid writer, I constantly thought how wonderful it would be to do what I love for a living. So I registered for a creative writing course online. I tried writing –after work of course. And I started applying to content writing companies. All of which, rejected me after my sample work. My confidence as a writer faltered. I couldn’t quit until I’d found another source of bread and butter.

The Bible has a wonderful verse, that my cousin once marked out for me. “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31. By then, I’d been in that God-forsaken place for 7 long months. Once again, I didn’t see the sense in what was happening. My faith stood, but I was becoming weary and started losing hope. I was angry and stopped caring about anything at all.

Until one January, An opening for a feature writer turned up. I applied. I got called. Without any anticipation and no hope, I went to their office. I had no published work and no professional background in the field. I showed all I could which was my blog that I’ve been carefully piecing together over the months. I was asked to rewrite an article as an assignment for the interview. It was a Saturday. By Monday, I was called to join. The very same Friday I resigned, and very soon I was relieved from work.

What happened those few weeks was nothing short of a miracle. Eventually everything made sense. I was marked out for ECP. Had I been anywhere else, I wouldn’t have had plenty of time on my hands and rediscover my passion for writing. I didn’t get into companies that I’d applied for, because my true calling was in creative article writing.And I couldn’t have landed a more perfect job. I had to be under a difficult person; else I wouldn’t have appreciated my new team and their encouragement. I would have taken everything for granted. Today, after a rather long nightmare, I’m so very pleased to say that I am a Feature Writer for an upcoming luxury magazine. Despite not having any experience or articles to my credit, my wait and continuous effort for my passion has paid –off. Above all, my faith in God has paid off. 

This isn’t a confession to draw attention to religion or masquerade as a saint. It’s just to bring to light my story of how faith saw me through. For your faith heals you.
And I can only so heartily pray and be reminded everyday that “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and what we do not see”Hebrews 11:1

The Secret Life Of…..

I realize I haven’t written to wish my blog or blog followers a Happy New Year. Not wanting to fall in the beaten out track of penning down about New year Resolutions, Reminiscing the ups and downs of the previous year or drawing bright yellow smileys; I was waiting for an epiphany so I could pick on something larger than life, out of the box (or another clichéd phrase namely)..
But then sense settled in and eventually I realized those Eureka moments come to those who seek and not necessarily wait on it for a sign from heaven above. So if my reader has borne with me this far, without further ado I would like to ponder on the latest Hollywood movie being screened-The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. While it’s not the average commercially designed motion picture, review websites and critics have already pitched on some wonderful quotes spoken in the movie.
For those who haven’t seen it, the story revolves around Walter Mitty who is a Negative Asset Manager(Negatives used to develop photographs) for Life Magazine. A Guy with a monotonous job, who seemingly keeps going into one of those “Zoned out “ phases where he imagines of things he wished he could do, but doesn’t such as Punching the Boss, Rescuing Cheryl’s cat-the girl he is crushing on and a few others. On the other hand, he is constantly pestered by Todd, associate of an online dating website (where Cheryl is also registered) to fill out his missing details of “Been There, Done that” category and make his profile more attractive.
Walter misses out on a very important photo negative by star journalist Sean O’Connell and goes on a venturous tour, tracking him down to find the missing negative. Thus, begins the enterprising journey, on the course of which he does unimaginable and rash moves such as fighting a shark, jumping on a moving helicopter, running from a volcano eruption, seeking the warlords of Afghanistan and spotting the White leopard on the Himalayas.
Without appearing as a straight arrow, the movie draws essence from everyday actions and emotions that ride on day dreaming time frames which frequently happen (at least to me). Of dreaming about those many things you want to do, but then you don’t because those reckless moments happen on the cine reels and not in life. By the end of the movie, as one can predict Walter ends up doing a myriad of events that run well for his ”Been there, Done that” list and he gets his happy ending.
While striving to make sense of my ramblings, the movie reminds me of dreams that I aspire for; the many unchecked to-do lists that have been going brown over days. So for a change, this time rather than ticking off a resolution list, I’ve instead decided to fill in my “Been there ,Done that” archive. It could be turning lemons to lemonade, and filling out my travel journal or realizing more Euraka moments. In simple words, I’m resolved to work backwards so I don’t miss out on the small or spunky moments along with the many humongous acheivements to come(fingers crossed).
Its only fitting to repeat few lines of the movie, I’ve already written about 500 words on


Baugette & Makhan

Baguette and Makkhan..?


fotolia_61246333 (1)

Picture Courtesy – © teleginatania

One veg fettuccini, with white sauce and an espresso, please”. The girl in rugged jeans and unkempt hair succinctly placed her order to the keen waiter, who briskly noted it down. While across the other table, nibbling at my brownie and latte, I wondered how commonly these lines are repeated across the metropolis today; just as ordering a Vada pav or Masala chai was a few decades ago. It seems as though the Indian sub-continent has effectively turned into a global village overnight. Ask a college student what a risotto is, and at lightning speed you would be told “Cooked rice in sticky, white cheese sauce”, probably with an added smirk for having asked something so obvious.”Duh”. Ask the gazillion office workforce what they drink, and you would be answered in the lines of “a latte with 1 sugar”, or “black with 2 sugars”. Inquire to the tall gentleman in a black tux and an Ipad in his hand about a sushi and he would grunt with a dramatic wave of his hand “a roll of rice and raw fish”.
It seems, over time Indians have grown accustomed to International cuisines along with adapting to fast fashion and foreign brands. The overflow of pasta bars, steak houses and pizzerias seems to be never ending and in tune with the rising proportion of Indian crowds visiting these destinations. The sync with global flavors has been witnessed at breakneck speed. For the new majority of restaurants and fine dining outlets that have sprung up; most of the restaurateurs are ideally chefs-turned-entrepreneurs, who are well versed in a variety of cuisines and are banking on the Indian penchant for a global palate. The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) has estimated the food service market in India to be $48 Billion. Undeterred by waves of recessions or inflation, the food industry is projected at an average growth rate of 11 per cent, valued at $200 Billion by 2015.
The epoch of culinary fusion is eminent. International dishes are modified across households with an Indian punch, Tadka mar ke. We now eat tofu instead of paneer, and use tomato chutney as a bridge to salsa. Rather than painstakingly knead dough for pizza, a pan chapatti with a slice of amul cheese and veggies does the trick. A Chinese stir fry with a dash of soy sauce has become the quick fix solution for those left-overs. Mushrooms and baby corn are add-ons more frequently used in Sabzis, and the perfect bulls-eye is highly appreciated and relished over the beaten omelet. 
It just doesn’t end with the Indians giving way to try-outs. A peek into the affairs overseas depicts Britain, Australia and America titillating their palate to Indian Gastronomy. There is what appears to be a quantum leap in the number of Indian restaurants and eat-outs that have successfully made its mark in the global market, which can largely be attributed to the growing rate of Indian immigrants, who have gone abroad and craved a bite of home cooked Dal Chaval and Palak Paneer.



Picture Courtesy – © karam miri

Apparently along with its fair share of Bollywood and Bhangra moves, Indian flavors have struck a chord in the West and across Europe. Vernacular spices such as Coriander, Garam masala and Turmeric are widely available in a majority of supermarkets. To add to it, one can also find aisles of Indian chutneys, ready to eat parathas and idli batters.
Prominent Chefs such as Gordon Ramsey had a stint with Indian food during his showcase-“Gordon’s Great Escape”. British-Indian food writer, Anjum Anand has her forte in simplifying Indian spices and techniques, while Atul Kochhar is the first Indian Chef to be awarded a Michelin star for his restaurant –Benares, which popularizes in Indian and British food. With the Murgh rogan josh, fast gaining momentum in the International dictionary, along with runny gravies, Chicken tikka, delectable kababs and dal makhani; Critics believe that the desi cuisine has come of age in the intercontinental vistas.
I am quite convinced that as I clear my plate in the café; somewhere across the time-zone, an American is probably walking into a restaurant and placing an order-”One chicken tandoor, please”.
Nifty Jacob


After a few hours spent reading multiple articles and speeches, it dawned on me that our world was made by a word, and changes time and again on powerful words.
An Insight..

He spoke and darkness turned to light. The earth was formed and today hangs suspended at His word. His word was life.
Words…, simple words have so fancifully changed the course of the world across ages. And those who have spoken the best of versus have carved their names on the stone slabs of history. Winston Churchill once said that History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it. And rightfully the words he professed have resounded in a linear timeline and in all echelons of humanity.


With venom infused speeches against Browns, and his obsession for Blonds; the Nazi God-man aroused a masquerade and birthed little Nazis. At the command of his word, Jews fell from the face of the earth as leaves from withered tree.


The Great Chanakya had his mind brimming with thoughts; thoughts which he penned down as Arthashastra and with it dexterously devised the fall of Dhana Nanda and the rise of Chandrasekhar Maurya, who became the first of the Mauryan Empire


Shakespeare rejuvenated literature and young love. He lives perennially in the ear marked pages of Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet and others


Gautam Budha left his regalia and shunned kingship with nothing but the clothes on his back and the fervor in his speech. With a new day, a new doctrine was formed..Budhism


When King narrated his epic dream, he gave a modus operandi to the fight for colored freedom. He melted hardened hearts, dissolved the capsule of ego and hatred ; and inflamed the desire for change and courage when he said “I Have a Dream

© lculig – fotolia_60989802

I didn’t quite realize when the inception of my love for words began. I never had an epiphany. There was no imploding desire that enraged me to pick up a pen and string together letters that would be transformed to a quantum leap. But in time I learned the exhilaration of being able to capture the attention of people, convince their thoughts and mold them to your own.


How satisfactory, the knowledge of having spilled over ideologies, opinions and bearing yourself on a curated tree bark and yet not having a single soul know of the happening. How consoling the appearance of bloodied ink flowing, that convulses and curls to form mysteries, fantasies and fairies. Like a drunk, high on power, when I have pieced together compelling words; like a new Mozart in the making. Each time I write I sense a new beginning and I nurture a different voice, along with a different face. I bask in the delight of being one among many, and many among one.


The thoughts aimlessly swim through my nerve endings. I conceive them, not knowing how I do, or for what forlorn purpose I do. The itching in my fingertips unravel hopes, fancies, senselessness, stupidity, inferences, musings, introspections, deductions and revelations that I wear as a proud diadem. For words are what define me; words I’ve spoken is what I am remembered for, and long after my breath ceases and my bones turn soft, I will still live immortal through words I’ve imparted across


And as I write yet again, bliss rains over me.




“For there is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed”


-Earnest Hemingway

Fleeting Time..

The cuckoo in the clock chimed
Time had moved, leaving the elapsed behind
Undisputed and fleeting,
Heard through its rhythmic call
And so much has since gone, so little I can recall
The hands of time gently slide
Round and round they glide
And with it bring forward, a new time
A day divine
An age unknown to mans mind

© poplasen- fotolia_68479554

Night turned to morn, and morn to night again
Boys grew to men, and they begot infants
Countries were built and lost, Battles were fought
The silver haired sage, wise with age spoke of things to come
He uttered,”Nothing remains constant except the Ancient One”
The needle flees on, counting
The child grew and left her mother
Seasons passed, and the cycle is repeated over
Yet what has gone is gone,
 Another moment arrives with its isochronous thrust
So Harbor as we may
Each second of each living day
For we know naught, what tomorrow may bring
For we know that tomorrow is a far cry from yesterday
And so endures Man’s walk on the earth
Fleeting across progressive
His breath once strong, eventually grows weary
As the sands of the hour glass drain on
Finally diminished and to the dust He is laid
When his life seeps out
Without time and without space

When I was…

A Dragging day at work, and a bit of homesickness took me back to the good old days of growing up and  the journey in between. This post is dedicated to my Dearest Mother, For all she has done for me..
When I was a tiny tot of just three
 And I cuddled up on mommy’s knee
“Mommy I wanna grow up and be like you
Pretty and fancy, and use your jewels too”
 “Darling wait a while longer, It will come to be”
She ruffled my air and told me
“Until then why don’t you sing with me”
The years passed by and I was five
I hated kindergarten and ABC’s too
I cried, id have leave mommy for the day
Eventually she cajoled me, said it would be fine
I learnt numbers and nursery rhymes
“Darling wait a while longer, It will come to be”
Until then why don’t you swing with me
Time passed  by and I was tall
Id wave mommy goodbye and hurry to school
                                            I had my books, friends and luncheon too
                                            Though I laughed and played and liked it all
                                             Mommy I still wanna grow up, I’d say
                                             Darling wait a while longer, It will come to be”
                                             Until then why don’t you bake cookies with me

© lapencia – fotolia_62402235


I was in my teens;

Wild and silly as can be
Mommy I don’t like how you do my hair

Please leave my clothes and let me be
Mommy looked sorry and her welled up eyes
Is what I still remember…sigh
But I had so much growing up to do,
I told her I couldn’t spend time worrying too
As the years passed by, I was an angry girl
I was in high school and busy too
I had my friends, my music and books
Mommy no more fit in my world
I fought; I slammed doors and screamed aloud
Mommy, I can’t wait to leave this place
I can’t stand your well-versed ways
Time passed by, and I did go far
Left my home and mommy and childhood stars
I was all big and went to university
Eventually I learned it wasn’t as easy to be
I got stabbed, fought back and was a sorry lot
Many battles I faced because I wasn’t a child no more
Far away from home and mommy’s knee
Along the way, I grew more old
Life was a battle and I was sore
I had a job, a house and bills to pay
I thought of my childhood and carefree days
My friend came along and saw mommy in a frame
O your look just like her, she exclaimed
I was only pleased and gloated with joy
Mommy you’re all I wanna be like
Now I wish I was little again
So I could get to sit on mommy’s knee
Away from the world and all that’s mean
Mommy, I wanna be with you again
You make it all so simple and nice
Life is pleasant and everyday is a joy ride
I love you so..
 And I just wanted you to know

Veneration Of The Kingdom-Part 2

In tune with highlighting the goodness of our country, I would like to draw the attention of my readers to the current scenario of India. There is a plethora of social evils caused by insensitive actions and a maladroit mindset.
Let’s start with the “so-called” lower strata of our society.The n number of poor and downtrodden who account for 60% of the country’s population. They carry out the trivial yet most conspicuous occupations that sustain the people and life of this nation. This includes the farmers, the mineworkers, the dhobiwallas, the ayyas, the Dabbawallas along with the Bartanwallis, Rickshawwallas and few more

With a fistful of food to revive them the days work and education pertained through a life of hard learning, they set out on the most laborious tasks that give them their wages to sleep at night. Er…Correction..They really do not have a place to sleep at night because they are shooed away from the sidewalks by angry policeman or driven away from lands that they forced to sell by budding industrialists. They can only stand quite and gaze while their tiny choppdis are being torn apart by bull dozers.
Many will debate by saying that in the wake of becoming a Developing nation, the space is required. While we boast of neat roads in Europe and Singapore , this is our effort to make Indian roads litter free. I do not disagree any less. We can very well tear up the slums and drive them off.
 But have we reallocated them to a better place, or have we left them more destitute and hapless than they were??
Clearly hard felt reality for a country that is the 7-largest and on its way to prosperity
Oh ,not yet. We yet have subjects to cover on Dowry system and child marriage.Or should I really venture into the topic of why little girl babes are killed in thousands throughout when ironically the Gods such as Lakshmi and Saraswathi are worshipped whole heartedly. Do they presume that the Godesses wouldn’t mind killing Human babies in Their image? Or do they have enough wealth for a self-righteous puja to drive away their sin
So what if the great likes of Raja Ram Mohan and a handful of others ousted practices of sati and pushed women to education. The patriarchal society will still make even by denying their daughters and sisters the rights of education and choke them into marriage to yet another narcissist man who will demand huge amounts of dowry to buy his wife, while also accusing her of being the inferior gender.
And no, I clearly do not overlook the efforts of many NGO’s and the government in helping with its various causes. For today I am a well-educated girl, second in my generation. My only attempt is that we strive our fullest to help in any small way we can to promote the women of our country. For Melinda Gates on a special edition to CNN dated May29th, 2013 has stats that a Family whose budget is controlled by the mother is 20% more likely to survive. While 20% may not sound like much, in the 2nd largest populous country, I think it will amount to quite a number
Moving on, lets talk about our great political leaders of this very diverse nation. On quickly mapping our progress, we have had our transport system improved five fold. The railways are making a good job at being fully functional and generating huge amounts of revenue to our treasury .We have more superior infrastructure. We can add to a growing list of skyscrapers, automobiles and an extremely buzzing city life.
It is sad how a country with the most set of rules and regulations in its rulebook cannot find one that would provide adequate civic control and timely justice to those who need it. Our courts are well known for it’s generously availed time span to render effective hearings that will last a lifetime.
The power and control of an entire country is strictly bridled by a handful of politicians, so much that the thought is almost terrifying. Isnt that why when the politician’s junior does drugs or drives drunk, the police give him a clean slate each time. Even in case of murder, as in the story of Jessica Lall where power can buy the silence of a hundred people who upright witnessed her death.
A short while ago, the youth loudly chorused to the famous song, blatantly singing
 “Sadda Haq, Aithe rakh”
And I can only wish ,the rights that we have the privilege to be bearers of in the largest democracy of the world is used justly and righteously to build a better future for our tomorrow. We have the largest source of talent and intelligence and brain power than all the developed nations put together. Only that they lie untapped within the largely dispersed classes of society
 At this point in time, I would like to end an extremely boring update with make a small mention of Sarath Babu-Alumni of BITS, Mesra and IIM-A. His past was quite the contrary to his current day. A simple boy who struggled through the slums of Chennai city,and literally burnt the midnight oil while his mother sold idlis for his upbringing. Today his solo venture “Food King” has a turnover in millions and generates employment to a multitude of people who have been able to pick up the pieces and live with a roof over their head. In our effort for a better India, it is quite harmless to recall Mr Sarath, the man who very selflessly struggled to provide for his own upbringing only to give it back manifold to his people.
”Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what can You do for your country”

Veneration Of The Kingdom-Part 1

For a country that has journeyed through  an array of milestones, Beginning from a time of rajas and maharajas into disintegrating into a Brit colony, and yet again rising above to speak for its freedom in the light of democracy. From a multitude of cultural and religious beliefs, recapitulated to a single Hindustan I would very well say we have progressed. This is my effort to sketch together the marrow of the beauty and predicaments of this glorious nation we hail from. 


Picture Courtesy – © Richard Laschon fotolia_61970114

To begin with, our land calls for being one of the earliest urban civilizations i.e. the Indus Valley Civilization. Deemed as one of the richest regimes in its time, India was a pioneer in the ways of opulence, Starting from the finest of silk to cashmere and the brightest of gems, including the most distinguished Kohinoor which sits at the nucleus of the British Queens crown today.

It gives me great pride that although I would pass for a fickle minded Indian, there are still geniuses who have lineage from our land with the likes of the Aryabhatta. So has Vishwanathan Anand made us proud with the game of Shatranj which has its origins in our soil. A land that is home to prominent religious ideas of Buddhism and Jainism. And yet again we are patrons of the much followed health statues of Yoga and Ayurvedic treatments. The glory of this nation is worth being pondered over


Picture Courtesy – © kosmin fotolia_53403888

India has witnessed a large quantum of reforms pertaining to post and pre independent era. The policies of liberalization has probed an astounding effect in the increment of trade, foreign exchange and generation of industrialization. Education has reached its zenith today in terms of the countless institutes and schools that we have, albeit in its rather commercialized approach .

I guess, being one of the most populous nations of the world would eventually call for us to be noticed as we spread our influence across the globe. We stand van ward in being recognized as one of the many fashion destinations in the world with Mumbai and Delhi well in the limelight. Elements such as the dark kohl and the simple yet complacent nose ring are characteristics of the Indian beauty which has traversed across our land over into the western culture.

So I suppose it is safe and right to accredit India to be a land,that is one worth all our devotion, glory and respect. We the people who have evolved from the heart of her gifts owe tremendous gratification to the land. With great felicitation may we offer ourselves in building this nation so that we can ride the high horse of a land so prime and resplendent