Who am I

Hi,Nifty Jacob, Freelance journalist from India

My name is Nifty Jacob. I’m a freelance journalist and creative writer from India.

I’m the girl whom parents usually tell their kids not-to-be-like. I’m the hopeless academically confused student who graduated in Business Administration and earned a Master’s in Fashion Management, only to realize that all I wanted to do was write! They said, I’m lost. I said, better late than never.

I’m an introvert who jumped to order Susan Cain’s new book — ‘Quiet’, because she decided to tell the world that ‘quiet’ is the new cool.

I’m the person who prefers wine and books in private to loud, blaring hip-hop in the club.

I’m the fuzzy eater who (listen up, this one is rather odd, I’ve been told) ‘hates’ fries and would choose a salad over potatoes, any day.

I’m the often forgetful artist (or so I’d like to call myself), who’s thinking a million things most of the time, but can’t recall any of it by the end of the day.

I’m the writer whose creativity comes in bursts. I write for 1 week straight and you don’t hear from me until a month later. (PS: that’ll often happen with The Looking Glass. Screw ’em new year resolutions. I’ll write when I feel like it)

I’m the fiancee whose happy she’s getting married one second, and going bonkers the next, thinking of bills, rent, career; playing the part of a ‘grown-up’, and wondering how she’ll ever function as an adult. (Hopefully the beau is matured enough for 2)

All in all. I’m the person who’ll write sometimes sensible, and most often ‘nonsensical’ posts on this  blog. It’ll be about bridging the gap from being a young adult to..well, an older adult. it’ll be about writing. Winning sometimes. Losing more often. Starting a biz.  Why I love adding chilies to everything, including salads. Why I’m too lazy to dress-up or put on make-up. And everything in between.

If you’d like to keep listening, pls sign up. Follow The Looking Glass. Show me some comment love, or shares, or tweets, or anything you prefer.

Still here?

Great! I think you’ll be here for the long haul.

Much Love

Nifty Jacob


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